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Food & Drinks



Besides the finest flavors that Mexico has to offer in solid form, Jesús serves a pretty mean cocktail. Plenty of mezcal and tequila themed potions to enjoy here. Because he’s somewhat of a hero in his own country, Jesús is the only one in Holland who has Corona beer on tap! All this, against a fiercely red background filled with inviting lounge sofas and some darn fine music.

Mexican Food

‘Antejitos’ are modestly sized snacks, traditionally served on the streets and markets of Mexico. Eat one, and you’ll be hooked for life. Chock-full of flavor, color, spices, and herbs, it’s easy to make a hearty meal from the broad selection served by Jesús. The fresh taco tortillas come from the only authentic taco bakery in Holanda. This type of Mexican cuisine caters to all needs, including those of our vegetarian friends.

Jesús Malverde