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Kevin Bacon


Over the years the bar has become a hotspot for those who love and know their cocktails. At night they gather here to enjoy timeless classics and custom creations, while our neighbors enjoy a cold draft beer. Our bartenders are a special breed, they never sleep. If you think ants work hard, you’ve never seen our bar staff. After work they head for the laboratory to create homemade infusions and liquors and design new cocktails.

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Thai Food

Come to Kevin Bacon and you’ll be digging into perfectly moist crab cakes and soul soothing curries. Dishes as colorful as a Jackson Pollock painting (but not as messy). Flavors that tickle your tongue in ways that are illegal in certain countries. Chicken skewers, veggies, fried shrimp, salads, soups… Every Thai delight served at Kevin Bacon is made with the freshest ingredients.

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Kevin Bacon