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The Vertical Swimming Pool

By Jelle Mastenbroek

Immerse yourself in the perfect room for all swimmers, dippers*, and flippers and you’ll make quite a splash. The exterior is for doing laps and practicing your strokes. Inside you’ll find a comforting shower and a water-resistant double bed to enjoy that bubbly after-swim buzz. So dive into the blankets and use your best crawl to speedo towards an aquatic dream.

*No skinny dipping outside your room.

Room features

  • 2
  • Queen size Bed
  • Private
  • 10
  • Free
  • Breakfast € 12,50

About the designer

With his objects and installations, Jelle Mastenbroek encourages you to reconsider stereotype and investigate whether it is possible to add new meaning to them. Because he includes humor in his way of storytelling and approaches art from a positive angle, his work can function as reflections of social context or even cause change.

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